Hi Again!

October 18, 2010

Hi! So yesterday I received my debit card statement, and noticed a rather large item from a company I didn’t immediately recognize. I called them, and found out that I had set my domain name for this site to auto renew. So in the interest of getting my money’s worth, I figured that I had to start posting again 🙂

So let’s see. Well, today’s my birthday! I’m 18. I registered to vote in the midterm election, but due to some sort of error I’ve actually got to go stand in line at the polling center, which I suppose is something that everyone should experience at least once anyway. I’m rather excited. Not at all sure what I’m going to do about the RIDICULOUS governor situation though. Maybe I’ll post about that later.

As for the future of this blog: I shaved my head, so I’m going to have to redo the banner. And since nothing else about this blog demands that it has to be strictly political, I might increase the scope a little bit. Politics, my life, random thoughts…I’ll try to keep it interesting.

What else happened today…hmm…Oh!  My sister’s cancer treatment hit the $300,000 mark!  This is why insurance is good. Go out and buy some. 😛

So, there you have it, my first post in nearly half a year, and a breif update on my life.


I got a really awesome 18th birthday present from my aunt, here’s a picture 🙂

She sent me that, framed! John Galt! Calling!  !!!! On mine it has the number, but I don’t trust all of you internet folk not to go and call it, so it’s censored here 🙂