Ron Paul (who is NOT a Libertarian) and the Conservatives

As I’m sure that you’ve all heard by now, Ron Paul won the Conservative Political Action Conference Straw Poll. If you’re wondering, yes, this is the same Ron Paul who pronounced that he wanted to eliminate the IRS, the Department of Education, the UN, and pretty much any other governmental or nongovernmental organization you can think of to a live audience on the Colbert Report last year.

Click to view the Colbert interview wiht Ron Paul

Click to see the interview with Colbert

At 4:20, Colbert asks Ron to put his hand down when he mentions an organization that he would not want to abolish. Ron’s hand stays up the entire time, though he lowers it slightly for UNICEF.

To me, like to Colbert, Ron Paul is something of an enigma. He isn’t your typical conservative, with his low value of safety and military spending. However, he is also not a libertarian, as he is very much a social conservative, no matter what he tries to call himself.

Whatever Ron Paul is, there is something he very clearly isn’t. He is not the GOP’s 2012 nomination for President.  Go ahead. I dare you to cry Straw Poll.

In fact, the CPAC Straw Poll is very rarely accurate. It is taken at a convention that only die hards attend, and at this, only the die hards of the die hards actually vote. This is because voting at the convention is completely optional. This year, only about 2,000 of the 10,ooo conservatives present chose to vote. At any rate, Ron Paul shouldn’t be getting his hopes up.


3 Responses to Ron Paul (who is NOT a Libertarian) and the Conservatives

  1. AaronsEnviro says:

    For a social conservative, he sure doesn’t seem to vote much on doing anything but removing government from social issues. Just because he doesn’t have a girlfriend, two ex-wives, and a gay brother-in-law doesn’t mean he’s not a libertarian. 🙂

  2. marinalee says:

    Did you read the link? He calls abortion murder, and says that in order to protect civil liberties, you have to protect the liberties of the unborn. He’s a social conservative.

    As far as voting goes, he proposed a “Sanctity of Life Amendment.” If this doesn’t disqualify him from being a libertarian, nothing does.

  3. Bosoxfan9 says:

    Most conservatives I know believe that to be a true social conservative you have to be a civil libertarian. Which I guess makes sense but not all conservatives are civil libertarians.

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