Militant, The Sell Out

Militant, I know that you have higher ratings than I, and that this leaves me in no position to criticize. However, I have watched as your blog became less and less militant. It started with an all black theme. Then, it switched to soothing shades of blue. Now it looks like…a website who’s end should not be .org, but .gov. *Gasp*

So in the interest of preserving your mode of defy-the-system protest, I am not going to change the URL for your site on my blogroll, thus forcing everyone who wants to view your cursed blog to click an extra time before reaching your site. This may not sound like much, but O! it will add up. Mwahaha!

For old time’s sake, I will link to your new blog here. But only for old time’s sake.

Militant, we will miss you.


4 Responses to Militant, The Sell Out

  1. MiliLib says:

    Not sure what the hell you’re talking about here, but whatever.

    I left the all-black because that’s too cliche and really annoying to try to read from. Remember: it’s all about the content.

    The red-white-and-blue theme was even more cliche (go figure), but I left it there out of pure laziness for years. When I finally left Blogger for a real venue, I decided to revamp. Since part of that plan was to start posting a LOT more stuff.. because, well, there’s a lot more stuff to post now, thanks to our new and improved Police State, I thought it should have an easier-to-navigate setup. That meant a magazine-style layout.

    It also meant I had to limit graphics, so the guns pointing at your face, the huge Sam Adams had to shrink, and so forth.

    So far, you’re the only complaint about the new site’s look. Most are happy it’s got three times the content per day vs. the old makeup. Except the usual haters, of course. I have a handful of people who regularly send me (relatively friendly) hate mail. Plus the usual hack attempts and so forth.

    Oh well. Hey, how’s your slavery for the GOP going? Paying off yet? I hear you all’s replacement for the despicable Ted Kennedy turned out to be a shill. That’s what you get for voting for messiahs when what you should be doing is dumping DC altogether and hitting the reset button on politics.

    Not that I’m one to have opinions or anything. I just wanted to make my comment longer than your whole post. Because I’m militant like that. haha

    • marinalee says:

      Godammit Militant. It looks like a spam site. But I do aprreciate the new content, which I skim on a semi-regular basis.

      Concession: GOP plan, not working out, but how rude of me! I haven’t heard much about your plan lately. How’s the reset button going? I hear that the Peoples Party for a Violent Communist Overthrow of All Government is jealous of your progress.

      Note: In the interest of redundancy, I’m going to post this comment on my blog, and on yours. But you’re going to get an addendum.

      • MiliLib says:

        Actually, so far my reset plan is going better than your “reform the GOP like we’ve been doing for the past three decades” plan is. Not sure how the PPVCOAG is coming along, those people won’t talk to me, but I know that there are more of us in my frame of mind than there are in theirs.

        In fact, just yesterday my own home state here passed a new Firearms Freedom Act in the House of Reps that not only tells the BATFE where to shove it, but tells them that if they don’t do so, they face prison time.

        That reeks of secession. That makes us number twelve or thirteen on the list of states that have claimed 10th Amendment rights against D.C.

        Yep, going along nicely. Oh, ya, by the way, my state has a Democrat for a Governor. People here don’t worry about political party so much as they do what you’re doing. Our longest-running SEnator has only been in office for 2 terms.

        Oh, did you like your picture on my blog? I put a lot of effort into that. 🙂

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