My Birthday was Just as Newsy as Any Other Story This Week

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of turning 17. For those of you who don’t remember, you only get to do that once. The week of my birthday, however, the news was basically nonexistent, and my laptop was in for repairs. (It’s a Sony. They definitely stand by their products. I’d opt for the extended warranty.)

    So, because I didn’t have my laptop to keep you all informed, and because it was my birthday week, I’ll go ahead and recap the events of last week.

    1. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I’m not going to blame him for this: he can’t help being popular. But those Norwegian politicians have got a lot of gall trying to influence our president. Good strategy though. What better way to end a war than to give the commander a prize for peace? Even he must have winced when he couldn’t attend some of the evnts because he was in a war conference.

    2. The Balloon Boy

    At first, this was a heart wrenching story about how a poor boy could have died. Then it became a story about mean attention seeking parents. Then it was a story about a Colorado photographer running away from an angry civilian. Finally, it became another heart wrenching story about potentially abusive husbands.

    3. The Dead Guy in The Pool

    One of Bernie Madoff’s associates, Jeffry Picower, was found dead in his pool. If it weren’t for people wanting to believe that karma had struck down this man who made $7.2 billion from investing in Madoff, it would have probably have taken a lot less time to realize that old guys have heart attacks. Sometimes while swimming. This often leads to death.

    4. Windows 7 came out.

    The Mac commercial sums this up nicely.

    5. NASA shot the moon

    Some people find this hard to understand. They sent two probes. One hit the moon so that dust would fly out. The other one analyzed the dust before it also crashed into the moon.  Results so far? The pictures were lamer than expected, but they “received good data.” (Dan Andrews)

    6. The Worthless Dollar

    The low value of the dollar made the cover of the Wall Street Journal 2 days in a row. All the same, the dollar’s low value has been beneficial in a couple of ways: it lowers our trade deficit, and makes it easier for our companies to export.

    7. Desperate for a Man? Move to China

    China is short 30 million wives. They’ve even resorted to importation, which contradicts their traditional value of a homogeneous society.

    8. Generic Celebrity Gossip

    Look it up.


    On the overall, not too much happened. Other than my birthday, of course.


    One Response to My Birthday was Just as Newsy as Any Other Story This Week

    1. newconservative says:

      Happy belated birthday. Good summary.

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