Obama Makes Me Laugh

Alright, in my last post, I might not have given Obama enough credit. He really *does* want to make us safer. He decided to prove it this week by choosing to extend the Patriot Act.

I'm slightly confused.

The Patriot Act, widely hated by liberals and seen as a negative result of Bush’s presidency, gives the government authority to wiretap phones and watch ‘lone wolves,’ who are individuals with no known ties to terrorist groups.

In fact, Obama just happened to be one of those Patriot Act hating liberals, saying that the act was “shoddy and dangerous” and saying, and I quote, “Yes, I would vote to repeal the U.S. Patriot Act.”  Repealing and extending tend to be opposites.

This would have been the perfect opportunity for Obama to show that he is taking steps to change Bush administration policies, as the Act was up for renewal anyway, without looking like he’s going out of his way to eliminate Bush’s policies. Whatever you think about the Act, or Obama, I think we can agree that this makes little political sense.


2 Responses to Obama Makes Me Laugh

  1. Elles says:

    I’d like to be able to say that I’m surprised, but really I’m not. He’s a politician, after all.

    I’d also like to say that I’m surprised the NYT gave only a paragraph to that story, but really I’m not.

  2. So Helpful says:

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