Giving Republicans a Bad Name

Right now, conservatism is growing in the population even as the GOP’s popularity is shrinking. The fault probably lies in people like this.

NO, not people who attempt to take picture while driving. Though if you happened to be behind me in the turning lane when I was attempting to take this picture, sorry.

The fault lies in Right Wing Nut Jobs who claim that 9/11 was the wrath of God, etc. etc. The GOP does not need to inherently change its principles, after all the US population has  been more conservative in recent history, except for a break near the 2008 elections. They simply need to rid themselves of the crazies. The Democrats send their extremists to the Communists, the Republicans don’t really have a place to send their loons.

The problem is that the Republican party is divided between social liberals and conservatives. The social liberals are technically Libertarians (like myself) but of course they vote Republican. Furthermore, there is not strict definition of Conservatism. If a thirteen year old kid can write a book about what he thinks conservatism means, the concept is obviously very loose. One party, the American Conservative Party, says that being socially liberal is a key part of being conservative.

So the problem is that a small sect of social conservatives are religious fanatics, we could call them the Extreme Religious Right (ERR), and these people should really have their own party. Now don’t get me wrong, I do realize that the Objectivist Party and the Libertarian Party would probably be better off running one candidate, and that the Socialist Workers, the Socialists, and the Socialist Equality Parties might have a lot to chat about.   But the ERR has no true party. If Republicans could remedy this, that is to say form a branch party for the ERR, they might lose some votes, but they could improve their overall image.

Now all that’s left to do is name the ERR party. Any ideas? 🙂


19 Responses to Giving Republicans a Bad Name

  1. Math Man says:

    Err sounds just right to me. The name fits.

    Is it possible for a conservative to be a conservationist?

  2. Umm… Why don’t the Republicans who aren’t religious zealots just leave the GOP to the zealots and go somewhere else?

    Personally, I fail to see anything but negative outcomes with political parties. Thinking people don’t need a political party to give them credence. Parties are, for the most part, shell games that candidates use to make sheeple think they’re “one of them” so they can get elected.

    Truly thoughtful people don’t belong to any party and are completely independent.

    Of course, then you have to actually say something beyond a whole word when explaining to someone what your “politics” are.

    Political parties are for chumps.

  3. marinalee says:

    Political parties are for realists.

    The Republicans won’t give the party to the zealots because they’d lose all of the infrastructure.

    Anyway, Mr. Libertarian, could you please describe your “politics” in one word? I know that this is a tough request…what with yours being so complex and beyond party lines. Give it a try though, would you? For me. 🙂

  4. “Jeffersonian” on my politics, ma’am.

    What infrastructure? The “party”? Please, that’s such a joke. The sooner we stop thinking in terms of GOP and DNC the better off we’ll be. The way to defeat the socialists is not to stick with the old system. Tried that, didn’t work. Why not a new paradigm?

    Keep doin’ what you’ve been doing and keep gettin’ what you’ve always got. Screwed.

  5. marinalee says:

    I totally agree with you. Political parties suck. But realistically speaking, they aren’t going anywhere. Hence my realism comment.

    The party actually does have extensive infrastructure. Most counties have GOP headquarters, and the state parties are required to watch the county parties. Additionally, state parties have to keep track of replacement committees, so that if a Republican retires on the state level, a group of people exists to replace him. And much, much more. I’ve worked for the state party HQ. Trust me. Building a new party would take *forever.*

    Trying to influence politics outside of the system is difficult.

    Bottom line, parties do a LOT. Winning with a third party candidate becomes virtually impossible. The easiest way to get a “Jeffersonian” into office would be to have a party sponsor him.

    Changing the system takes more than hatred of the system. How do you suggest that we get a third party candidate elected? Don’t you think that that would require an inherent change in the system itself, rather than a change based on a candidate?

  6. If most of us stop using the current system, the current system will fall apart. Period. So long as we think we need the system, it will exist.

    I’m saying we should elect no party candidates. Candidates who don’t belong to a party, don’t use a party, don’t promote a party…

    As it is, nothing is changing for the better. How long have you been working to make Republicans act like Republicans? I’ve known people who’ve been trying to do that since the 1980s.

    When are people going to realize that the GOP is as bad as the DNC and that most of the candidates who run under the party’s banner are only doing so get into power, not to promote the party’s values?

    So far, for as far back as I can remember, we’ve been losing. Our nation has been walking down the path towards collectivism since the World Wars.

    The Republicans have done nothing to stop or reverse this. Only frittered away our freedoms a little slower than the Democrats have. The Libertarian Party is a glorified debate club, the Constitution Party believes that GOD is etched into every word, and other parties are equally useless.

    What we need is to stop thinking in terms of left and right, GOP and DNC, etc. We need to start thinking in terms of US and THEM.

    US is We the People. THEM is the globalists, collectivists, anti-rights, anti-freedom, liberty-destroying a-holes who have been in power for decades.

    The system won’t get fixed. Face it. People have been trying that for a very long time with no results. The system needs to be DUMPED.

    The only way to do that is to stop legitimizing it by participating. That’s it. Stop paying into it, stop helping it, stop playing by its rules, step away from it. Let it die on the vine or burn itself out. Walk away.

    It’s a lot easier than you might think.

  7. Elles says:

    I agree with Militant Libertarian’s principles, that party allegiances are just another form of group think which isn’t to be aspired toward, but Marina does have a point.

    Realistically, to enact the political principles libertarians uphold, there does need to be some level of organization first to get candidates into office that non-religious extremist conservatives can support. You can’t have perfect ideals. You have to compromise them first a little to achieve them at some level.

    • You’re new to the game then. Someday, you’ll realize that what I’m proposing is not “going to the cave.” It’s mass revolution on a social level.

      What I’m proposing is that we just stop legitimizing the system by participating in it. The fewer the number of people who participate in the GOP and the DNC, the less legitimate they become.

      The scare tactic b.s. idea that “if we leave, they will win” is crap. Who’s “they?” The socialists? That’s been the garbage pimped out as justification in both GOP and DNC literature for decades. Many of us fell for it for a long time, but guess what? They’re fucking winning anyway.

      So to hell with it. Walk away from the system and let it collapse. It will. They might try to come for some of us with their forced this and mandatory that, but they’ll be courting revolution when they do. THEY ARE AFRAID OF US.

      If we keep participating in their bogus con game, here’s what will happen: they’ll come for us with forced this and mandatory that anyway.

      It’s time to start shooting back, people. Time to stop mucking about on their playing field. It’s time to pick up our marbles and go home.

  8. marinalee says:

    Militant, you are talking of a grand uprising, and you are suggesting that it would be instantaneous. Of course it is easy in principle. If people found Kanye inappropriate, they could all stop buying his CDs and he would be gone. But these sorts of things don’t happen over night. It would require people to hate their political parties as much as they hated racists in the 60’s. And most people are very, very attached to their parties.

    Of course, we could always try. But in the meantime, while we are busy boycotting the parties, we have no say in politics.

  9. *sigh* That assumes that the current system works. It doesn’t work. It’s broken.

    One more time: THE CURRENT SYSTEM IS BROKEN. You can’t fix it! The people who get elected do ZERO to help you. With the exception of maybe one or two, they sell out to the corporate interests that put them into office in the first place immediately upon their election.

    But keep doing your thing and working to promote the GOP and get these jackals elected. It’s your choice to do so. But don’t pretend you’re going to make some kind of change by doing it.


    If you want to keep marching down the road towards globalism and some combination of 1984 and Brave New World, then keep playing into the system that’s leading us there.

    I’ll be the dead guy your storm troopers had to deal with who refused to comply with your go-along/get-along/get-screwed mentality.

    I’m done talking to you sheeple. It’s obvious you’re too blind to wake up to reality. You’d rather pretend and play politics. Invest in lube. You’ll need it.

  10. Wake up, Marina. What you’re saying is that you won’t do anything if everyone else won’t do it too.


  11. marinalee says:

    Ouch. That one hurt. Instead of continuing to argue this and support my original point, I’m going to take some time to think about it and seek some more opinions. We’ve fallen into a this is possible/no it isn’t style argument, so I think some fresh voices would be good.

    Also, as I’m doubting for a moment in my own infallibility, take some time to doubt in yours. I’m sure you know who I’m paraphrasing 🙂

  12. newconservative says:

    Militant Libertarian makes some valid points, but is looking for nirvana. Marinalee is being realistic. You are more likely to have a Liberterian voted into office if this person runs as an Independent and/or Republican, with people and money backing. So Militant Libertarain, pick your candidate and start the movement. You can’t change an entire system by running away and hiding. You are sounding tired and cranky. Don’t run, do something. Make the system work for you. Otherwise you will be living in a socialist America and be really unhappy. Funny lube comment, but I won’t need it, I’ll be creating change. I can be a real irritant to the powers that I disagree with. As for your checking out, don’t forget to take a warm blanket to your cave, winter is coming. Embrace our system and try to improve it, checking out is for the weak.

    • Marina is being a retarded robot parrot. She’s brand new to politics, I guarandamntee it. I’ve only been active for fifteen years and I’ve already realized that the SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM here.

      We need to walk away from the system.

  13. newconservative says:

    Dude, let’s do a Vietnam: pick up our stuff, go home and each of us declare ourselves winners in this debate. Okay, let’s agree to disagree, stop calling names and be productive. This may not be a perfect system, but it’s what we’ve got. I’ve lived in other countries; don’t give up here or there is no hope. However, if you choose the cave, good luck to you, but please keep writing, you are quite witty.

  14. […] who promise impossibilities. So I’m not out to change the system (see the discussion under this article), but I’d love lies that were just a little bit more […]

  15. marinalee says:

    Of course I am brand new to the system! I’m 17! That doesn’t mean that I can’t recognize that it has problems, and at the same time realize that it is easier to change the system from within than from without.

    • Well, like I said, people have been “trying to change it from within” for two decades now. Hasn’t worked, it’s only gotten worse.

      The Constitution has been torn and tossed. There isn’t enough left to resuscitate it. We have to hit “reboot” instead.

      But keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll keep getting what everyone else has got: screwed.

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