The VMA’s: This World is Just Crazy.

So Kanye just has to storm the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech where she is receiving the award for best female video for “You Belong with Me” and say that Beyoncé had the best video ever. Fine. Whatever. He’s like that. Then he apologizes and she sort of accepts the apology and blah, blah, blah. If you really care, you can read the full story here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or you can just Google the issue and check out any one of the other 36.X million other results.

So what, about all of this, bothers me? Why is this featured in my blog today? Because the similarities between the following two songs have been bothering me for a while and now seems like an excellent time to mention it. 🙂

Girl Next Door by Saving Jane.

Here’s Swift’s for comparison.



One Response to The VMA’s: This World is Just Crazy.

  1. Gregory Milton says:

    What Kanye did was completely unacceptable. I have already googled the issue as you sad and read a variety of articles and the theme of most of them is that what Kanye did was not ok but that Swift needed to be called out. It seems to me that the issue of what Kanye did is glossed over in all the other articles as well as this one. The focus is then shifted over to what is wrong with Swift. I wont claim that she has no faults, everyone does, but this is not as you said “an excellent time to mention it.” The result is that Kanye has been successful in bashing Taylor Swift and that the public has simply accepted that a rapper ruined an acceptance speech with little complaint and now Swift is taking more heat than Kanye. Does this seem unjust to anyone else?

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