Well…I guess we have to do *something* with it

On January 28, 2009, the Republicans fulfilled their promises to their constituents. Not a single one of them voted for the $819 billion stimulus plan. It passed anyway.

But their doom was not yet sealed. They could have filibustered. There was still hope.

A few days later, 3 Republicans sold their souls for 19 billion dollars, and a $838 bailout passed the house.  F***ing Commis!!! (For their protection, I will not list their names here. I will call it classified info. Hey, if the CIA can classify common knowledge, so can I. So shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Anyway, the point is that the bailout passed, bought votes aside (and don’t tell me those votes weren’t bought: 19 billion dollars EXTRA to something the Republicans thought was a waste of money and it passes? Don’t even joke) so now we have a whole lot of money to spend. And by the looks of it, not much to spend it on. In total, including all of the bailouts passed and the maximum potential for what programs can cost, there are 11.3 trillion dollars we have to work with, and about a quarter of that has been spent or allocated (this article tells you where it all went). So we have some extra money floating around, and because of the magnitude of the money and the pressure to spend it quickly, it’s pretty much bound to be misspent.

Warren Buffet must be banking on this American incompetence, because even though the money ISN’T EVEN SPENT YET, he called for a SECOND economic stimulus this morning on “Good Morning America.” No really. He wants another one. When the first one has shown NO positive results and is STILL sitting on money. A second one. Please, please explain to me how this makes sense.

Oh, well. I won’t have to pay for it, as the Obama Administration clearly doesn’t care at all about repaying the deficit…ever. As long as I stay nice and poor, this isn’t my problem. 🙂

The bailout money, for all intents and purposes, is already gone. I just hope somebody does something with it.


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