Wasting My Vote On The Libertarians

I wouldn’t vote for one for president, as the odds are obviously against that having any sort of affect. But hey, Ron Paul is doing a fine job as a Texas Rep, and he may be more of a Libertarian than Ayn Rand. Congressional libertarians aren’t wastes at all. They are all standing against this 1.3 trillion dollar ridiculousness pretending to be fixing our healthcare, and so far, none of them have vanished for days to get hot and heavy in Argentina (OMG!! Did anyone *see* that speech?? He needed a “break from the bubble??”).

So on the overall, I would argue that a vote for a Libertarian who has a chance in the polls is not a waste of a vote. (You extremists out there, note that I said a Libertarian with a CHANCE. I don’t want you using me as justification for voting Bob Jackson ’12)


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