Colorado’s Transformation

Colorado was once a nice, friendly swing state. Now, of course, its raving blue. This is probably, in some way that no one can trace, all my fault…just because I live here. The state switched just to spite me. Anyway, the final results of the election were depressing. The senate went Democrat, and so did 5 of the 7 House seats…not to mention that we voted for Obama. But I’m over that. =P  And now, to complete the transformation, the conservative newspaper is closing its doors.

Denver was one of the only cities to have two major newspapers. The Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post merged about five years back, but now Rocky is down for the count. This information has not yet been released to the public, and whether or not you care about the RMN, you should care that another conservative voice is being lost, and of course it’s always nice to know something before it’s been officially announced. I feel special.

So, you heard it here first: As of mid January, The Rocky Mountain News is closing its doors.

Rocky Mountain News


2 Responses to Colorado’s Transformation

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  2. elwoodin says:

    I had heard something about this today myself, and it is sad. I used to live in Gunnison Colorado and loved the state, and the Rocky Mountain News was one of my favorite reads. Living here in Indiana now I seldom get the chance to read it anymore……and sadly soon, I will never get to read it again. Maybe someone who writes blogs, like us on the Conservatve Conglomerate should try to start another Rocky Mountain News of sorts, and try to get it out there. I know that I have worked in printing almost all of my adult life and have thought of doing something like this…..but sadly do not have the capital or the time to get all the news…..Oh well. A sad day as the Country loses another medium that desires to tell the truth……NOT SPIN IT.


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