Socialism Illustrated


But guess what! America is actually headed away from that now. Obama has realized that stealing people’s money isn’t going to help the economy, and is actually now deciding to back down on his campaign promises. I’m so glad he lied to us.  echoes my thoughts, saying, “Don’t get me wrong– I am delighted that Obama is retreating from many of his impractical ideas. Tax hikes, like the ones he supported just a few weeks ago, would devastate the economy. So would the taxes he would need to levy to support his myriad spending proposals while balancing the budget.”

On the other hand, he is still supporting government spending. So pretty much, he wants to spend a lot of money with no new taxes. Ah, well. I’ll take that. =D


2 Responses to Socialism Illustrated

  1. elwoodin says:

    I think that his going to the right is just a ploy. He has been the most Liberal member of congress ever since he became a senator, and he has been completely liberal for the last 20+ years. I don’t think he is really changing…though for political help, he is only acting like he is. HE will come back to his liberal roots as soon as we forget *remember our short attention spans*.


  2. Izerc says:

    Smashing Whoville

    Obama supporters screaming

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