Can the Liberal Media Count?

We all knew that the media hates Israel. But I honestly thought that they would actually  put at least some sort of effort into finding out the facts of what happens. For example, how many people died in the recent Israeli airstrike on Gaza?

“Israeli officials ratcheted up their tough talk on Sunday after an airstrike killed four  Palestinian militants in Hamas-run Gaza, but both sides left the door open to restoring a truce that has broken down.” –November 16, 2008, NYTimes,

“The airstrike killed three militants and injured another, according to Palestinian security sources.” –November 16, 2008, CNN,

I guess they assume that the difference between three Gaza militants and four Gaza militants killed is completely irrelevant: bottom line, Israelis are killing innocents, right CNN?  NYTimes? Or maybe they just can’t count…

Regardless, the difference between three and four isn’t all that large, but it does question the accuracy of the research. Does this bother anyone else?


One Response to Can the Liberal Media Count?

  1. Ohnoepatrol says:

    Did you consider the possibility that the wounded one died?

    One has much more detail than the other. Also, CNN’s report is early in the day.

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