A Healthy Fear of Nazism

The Austrian Constitutional Court found that the right to freedom of assembly is not violated if the national authority prohibits an assembly due to its appreciation that re-engagement into national-socialist activities is to be expected in the course of the meeting. -Austrian Constitutional Court Judgement of March 16th, 2007

This is expanded to mean that you pretty much can’t praise Hitler. At all. Or pretend to. Or sort of joke about it. Or imply any degree of anything other than total hatred of Hitler. And Nazis. And all things related to Nazis…

Remind me why Americans complain about Freedom Of Speech limitations…

Anyway, this is actually enforced, too. In late October, a Vienna tram driver yelled “Sieg Heil” over the intercom at the passengers, many of whom booed loudly, though there were also some sounds that sounded oddly cheer-like. Hmmm….

See the reactions at 1:00, or read more about this in English here.

Anyway, stop complaining about freedom of speech. It’s worse in Vienna. They can’t even say Hail Victory!


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