Congratulations, Mr President!

For those of you who have been living under a rock today, I’m going to spare you the agony of finding out the identity of our new president for another few seconds.

You ready? Okay, it’s Obama. Am I angry and disappointed? That would be a yes. But let’s be civil. Let’s do exactly as the liberals are saying: unite and try to go somewhere. So, I’ll start. I officially no longer hate Obama. I hope everything that he wants to do has positive results for all of us. I will back him in his endeavors as long as they seem better than his campaign promises. (That was the second to last bit of whining)

I really do think it’s remarkable that we have an African American president. This will stop other countries from calling us racist, and will ideally stop blacks from claiming under representation and missing opportunities and such.

Alright: Now for my very, very last word song against Obama. It’s called “A New Argentina.”

Okay. I’m done. No bitter ranting. No moving to an island in the Carribean. No screaming about the country’s stupidity. No begging people to see reason. No more cries of socialism. No more asking where we’re headed. I’m done. Starting now, Obama has a clean slate. I hope it stays that way.


2 Responses to Congratulations, Mr President!

  1. ramonjet says:

    Well said!!, As a Conservative Independent who voted for Palin/McCain I am disappointed but not devastated with the results of Nov. 4th. I would also congratulate President-elect Obama and his party for a relentless campaign and as it turned out an historical one. A campaign that used the modern technology in a way that future political groundswell movements would been keen to study.

  2. elwoodin says:

    I have said this, Congratulations to Barack Obama. But I am not one to forget so easily the radical ways that he has told us that he hates America. I will support him, if he does the things that keeps America a strong independent nation. But once he goes against that, I will also be the first out here to call him on it. This president has to be kept honest, and he right now is doing everything he can to keep that ability shut down.


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