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November 28, 2008


But guess what! America is actually headed away from that now. Obama has realized that stealing people’s money isn’t going to help the economy, and is actually now deciding to back down on his campaign promises. I’m so glad he lied to us.  echoes my thoughts, saying, “Don’t get me wrong– I am delighted that Obama is retreating from many of his impractical ideas. Tax hikes, like the ones he supported just a few weeks ago, would devastate the economy. So would the taxes he would need to levy to support his myriad spending proposals while balancing the budget.”

On the other hand, he is still supporting government spending. So pretty much, he wants to spend a lot of money with no new taxes. Ah, well. I’ll take that. =D


A Treehouse for the Hobos

November 26, 2008

Right now, there is a shortage of turkeys for those who don’t work. They’re showing up to get their free food, but it isn’t there.

“People are turning to charitable organizations for their Thanksgiving meal this year in record numbers, while donations have dropped significantly and funding has been slashed.

Charity organizers across the country say the lagging economy has forced individual donors to keep money to themselves, while businesses that usually donate are struggling to stay afloat.” —

What should the poor people do? Well, get a job. Obviously they’re lying around, or we wouldn’t have such an immigration issue.

Also note that CNN mentions businesses who usually donate.  O.O

Wow!  Businesses actually help people! I know. Hard to believe.

Greg Danner of Sioux City, Iowa was of the opinion that, “being a hobo is quite a profitable profession, for there are many plastic bottles all over the place,” and set out to prove this. So far, he has earned nearly 200 dollars by collecting bottles, and he plans to use the money he gets to build a treehouse for the hobos in his backyard.

So, a list of things to do if you show up for your free turkey only to find it has run away:

1) Get a job.

2) Collect bottles.

3) Vote for lower business taxes.

McCain to meet with Obama

November 17, 2008

Later today, Obama and McCain are going to have a nice little chat…in Chicago. The purpose of the meeting being for Obama to,”sit down in a serious way with Senator McCain … where they can find common ground.” The meeting was arranged by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Rahm Emanuel. CNN suggests that McCain should try to make friends with Obama, so that he goes down in history as being a nice guy. Hm.

All I’m saying is that Obama is taking McCain to Chicago to have a “pleasant discussion” and the two are going to come out as friends.

…McCain, I suggest you take a bodyguard. Or nine.

A Healthy Fear of Nazism

November 16, 2008

The Austrian Constitutional Court found that the right to freedom of assembly is not violated if the national authority prohibits an assembly due to its appreciation that re-engagement into national-socialist activities is to be expected in the course of the meeting. -Austrian Constitutional Court Judgement of March 16th, 2007

This is expanded to mean that you pretty much can’t praise Hitler. At all. Or pretend to. Or sort of joke about it. Or imply any degree of anything other than total hatred of Hitler. And Nazis. And all things related to Nazis…

Remind me why Americans complain about Freedom Of Speech limitations…

Anyway, this is actually enforced, too. In late October, a Vienna tram driver yelled “Sieg Heil” over the intercom at the passengers, many of whom booed loudly, though there were also some sounds that sounded oddly cheer-like. Hmmm….

See the reactions at 1:00, or read more about this in English here.

Anyway, stop complaining about freedom of speech. It’s worse in Vienna. They can’t even say Hail Victory!

Can the Liberal Media Count?

November 16, 2008

We all knew that the media hates Israel. But I honestly thought that they would actually  put at least some sort of effort into finding out the facts of what happens. For example, how many people died in the recent Israeli airstrike on Gaza?

“Israeli officials ratcheted up their tough talk on Sunday after an airstrike killed four  Palestinian militants in Hamas-run Gaza, but both sides left the door open to restoring a truce that has broken down.” –November 16, 2008, NYTimes,

“The airstrike killed three militants and injured another, according to Palestinian security sources.” –November 16, 2008, CNN,

I guess they assume that the difference between three Gaza militants and four Gaza militants killed is completely irrelevant: bottom line, Israelis are killing innocents, right CNN?  NYTimes? Or maybe they just can’t count…

Regardless, the difference between three and four isn’t all that large, but it does question the accuracy of the research. Does this bother anyone else?

Congratulations, Mr President!

November 5, 2008

For those of you who have been living under a rock today, I’m going to spare you the agony of finding out the identity of our new president for another few seconds.

You ready? Okay, it’s Obama. Am I angry and disappointed? That would be a yes. But let’s be civil. Let’s do exactly as the liberals are saying: unite and try to go somewhere. So, I’ll start. I officially no longer hate Obama. I hope everything that he wants to do has positive results for all of us. I will back him in his endeavors as long as they seem better than his campaign promises. (That was the second to last bit of whining)

I really do think it’s remarkable that we have an African American president. This will stop other countries from calling us racist, and will ideally stop blacks from claiming under representation and missing opportunities and such.

Alright: Now for my very, very last word song against Obama. It’s called “A New Argentina.”

Okay. I’m done. No bitter ranting. No moving to an island in the Carribean. No screaming about the country’s stupidity. No begging people to see reason. No more cries of socialism. No more asking where we’re headed. I’m done. Starting now, Obama has a clean slate. I hope it stays that way.

Take Your Mind Off the Election

November 4, 2008

Alright guys. If you’re anything like me, you’re nervous right now. Really really really nervous. SAT day nervous. Will you marry me nervous. Meet your mother in law nervous. The fact is, Obama might be our next President, and that’s…*shudder*. I’m not going to say anything more about Obama’s chances or who’s winning again until tomorrow. Trust me, knowing is better than the anticipation. For now, breathe. Just breathe.

However, if you want to stretch your nerves a little further, check out the live blog on the results here, on Conservatism Today. I’ll be there a little later, once we have something to report on, instead of sheer speculation. (Okay, I’m breaking down: it’s currently 13 to 3, McCain, and if he wins, I will never be more happy to have been wrong).

I figured I’d put up this little quiz to take your minds off the election, for as long as possible.

Here in Colorado, we have more constitutional amendments than any other state in the country. It’s ridiculous. We even have an referendum to make it harder to get amendments on the ballot. With this many amendments, we’ve been seeing a heck of a lot of advertising, and it gets hard to keep the amendments straight, but the slogans…those are hard to forget.

See if you can match Amendments 46-59 and Referendum O with their slogans! (Keep in mind, the positive or negative slogan may be used)


Amendment 46: Ends discrimination by eliminating quotas (i.e. you must have ten black people work here)

Amendment 47: Makes it illegal to force a worker to join and to pay dues or fees to a labor union

Amendment 48: Defines a fertilized egg as a person

Amednment 49: prohibits any public employee paycheck deduction, except for deductions required by federal law; tax withholdings; court-ordered liens and garnishments; health benefit and other insurance deductions; deductions for savings, investment, and retirement plans; and deductions for charitable, religious, educational, and other tax-exempt organizations

Amendment 50: Expand casinos and give the money to community colleges

Amendment 51: increase state sales tax by two cents on every $10 purchase in order to raise $186 million annually to fund services for Colorado’s developmentally disabled residents

Amendment 52: half of severance tax funds to be redirected to maintenance projects

Amendment 53: holds business executives criminally responsible if their business failed to perform a duty required by law

Amendment 54: prohibits those who have no-bid government contracts from funding the political campaigns of those who negotiate those contracts

Amendment 55: requires employers to establish just cause before firing anyone

Amendment 56: requires every employer that employs twenty or more employees in the state of Colorado to provide major medical health care coverage for its employees (paying 80% of the cost) and their dependents (paying 70% of the costs).

Amendment 57: Allows an injured employee to seek damages in court beyond workers compensation benefits

Amendment 58: increase the amount of state severance taxes paid by oil and natural gas companies, primarily by eliminating an existing state tax credit, and allocate the increased severance tax revenue to college scholarships for state residents, wildlife habitat, renewable energy projects, transportation projects in energy-impacted areas, and water treatment grants

Amendment 59: eliminate rebates that taxpayers receive when the state collects more money than it is allowed, and spend the money on public education

Referendum O – Makes it easier to get statutory amendments on the ballot and harder for the legislature to overturn them while making it a bit harder to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

Four of these issues have been pulled from the ballot. Can you guess which?


  1. Better roads now.
  2. Just say no: Vote Yes!
  3. Isn’t every person worth protecting?
  4. A safe workplace, a healthy work place.
  5. Prepare our kids. Protect our taxpayers.
  6. The gag amendment.
  7. Bring Colorado together.
  8. It’s risky. It’s reckless. It’s wrong.
  9. We don’t need a brand new requirement.
  10. Keep lobbyists in check.
  11. They don’t need a tax subsidy. Enough is enough.
  12. Colorado is a clean government state.
  13. Helping those who need it most.
  14. It’s a Godsend.
  15. Strengthen the work force.