Obama’s Infomercial–Big Brother is Watching

33.6 million people are much stronger than I am, that being the number of people able to watch Obama’s infomercial last Wednesday. Of course, some of those people didn’t have the amazing self control that I lack, but rather were completely brainwashed. At any rate, I have been doing my best to avoid the tape, but Fox finally caught me unaware…just in time for me to hear Obama say that the rich needed more taxes, and for me to hear the audience erupt in applause. I ran for cover.

The New Conservatives blog has much more grit than I do, and sat through the entire thing. You can read his analysis here.

If you think you can keep your lunch down, you can also watch the whole cursed thing here.

A final note…doesn’t appearing on most major channels at once have an oddly...1984 touch to it? Two minutes of hate style? No? Okay…maybe I’m just paranoid…but imagine waking up to a world with Obama on every channel! Big Brother is watching…and smiling….***SCREAM!!!***


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