Wayne Huizenga and Barack Obama

Wayne Huizenga, one of the richest men in America, creator of three fortune 1000 companies and 6 NYSE companies, is planning on selling the Miami Dolphins. Barack Obama has given him a reason to speed up the sale because, “he wants to double the capital-gains tax, or almost double it…(so) if [I] do it this year or [I] do it next year, the difference is humongous because of the taxes.” Of the money he would lose making the deal after Obama is elected, Wayne says, “…I’d rather give it to charity than to him.”

Turns out not all filthy rich capitalists are self hating…*cough* Warren Buffet *cough*…some of them actually want to keep their money, instead of handing it over to god knows who via Barack Obama.

Vote for Wayne!


4 Responses to Wayne Huizenga and Barack Obama

  1. I do have to wonder how much of the Wall Street selloff is attributable to people taking profits before Obama raises the capital gains tax rates. The market may very well be engaged in an exercise of discounting the impact of an Obama administration on our economy.

  2. marinalee says:

    You’re right! Everyone is getting out of the market because they’re afraid of future taxes…This is great! Obama caused the credit crunch!

  3. new conservative says:

    Wow! Great thinking Chris. I had never looked at it this way. Marinalee, what do you think of brouhaha over Palin’s wardrobe? Why isn’t the New York Times upset about Pelosi’s Armani suits, or Hillary’s custom suits, or even Michelle Obama’s love for Maria Pinto’s designer duds. Let’s stick to the issues and stop the sexism.

  4. Rick the General Contractor says:

    Thanks to Huizenga for elegantly illustrating what the ramifications of this policy are.
    while Buffet has far flung interests in a variety of businesses I cannot help but remember that his core business isf Berkshire Hathaway. A company that sells Life Insurance, a tax preferred instrument that allows one to transfer money to the next generation and avoiding paying taxes. I find it odd that the media have somehow not noted that he has some skin in the game on this issue.

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