This Should be Illegal: Obama and Fundraising

“We kept running into donors who had maxed out to Obama Victory who wanted to do additional money and had the capacity to do it and were eager to do it they asked if there were vehicles and other ways to do it, and we said yes.” –Alan Kessler, fundraiser for the Committee for Change

So what is the Committee for Change? Well, it’s a nifty little device used to sneak around donor limitations. You can only give $2,300 as an individual, and $28,500 to the Democratic National Committee. Beyond this, you donate to the Committee for Change, and it gives the money to Obama.

It looks like this:

You Limousine Liberal–> Committee–> Obama


Limousine Liberal–> Obama

This is just ridiculous.

The government shouldn’t have to have donor limitations, but if it’s going to, it should actually enforce them. Changing the way the Obama gets the money doesn’t quite cut it. Either have the law or don’t, but don’t pretend you do.

Unfortunately, all of this money from the rich doesn’t make Obama consider not stealing their money, but rather enforces his believe that he has the right to steal it, as they would/should give it to them anyway.

In any case, Obama has already started bending the law, and he hasn’t even settled down into his ultimate power.


4 Responses to This Should be Illegal: Obama and Fundraising

  1. Obama, cheating, doing anything to win, noooooo. Next he’ll find a way to get McCain kicked off the ballot.

  2. The press raced to investigate Joe the Plumber. Yet they have failed to track down one Mr. Will Good, he of the multitudinous Obama campaign donations made with throw-away credit cards. Why do we suppose that could be?

  3. Clyde says:

    i googled “committee for change.” came went to this site –

    i hit – learn more – and found this in the short document: “Each of our battleground states will have a full compliment of Campaign for Change staff registering new voters, making persuasion calls, getting out our voters, and insuring those votes are counted.”

    i found their use of “insure” to be telling. so instead of ensuring votes are going to be counted, they are going to financially underwrite the counting of those votes? rather telling. typical democrats.

  4. elwoodin says:

    When it comes to Obama, his bending of the laws, is just the beginning. If he makes it into the White House, his bending of the laws will be the least of our worries. He will do far far worse than that, and it will take us decades after he is gone to fix what he will do.


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