Lindsay Lohan Thinks Sarah Palin is Lame

“Sitting here makes me think about the fact that if Sarah Palin was in office, and living in Washington.. On a “slow” night, she would probably be dressing as one of the gossip girls or tina fey to try and “be cool” enough to get into this club.

I guess me thinking, and blogging about her gives her more attention and credit than she actually deserves.. but as Madonna says. “Express Yourself” –Lindsay Lohan

One up for Sarah! Lohan hates her, so she can’t be that bad!

If you feel the need to read Lindsay Lohan’s blog, you can find it here.


3 Responses to Lindsay Lohan Thinks Sarah Palin is Lame

  1. I think Palin just went up ten points in the polls based on only that Lohan hates her.

  2. clyde_m says:

    i am rather fond of not being cool enough to be lohan’s company.


  3. Clearly Lindsay Lohan does not know how Washington works. When Sarah Palin is VP she will automatically rise to the top of the A List. It will be ersatz pseudo-celebrities like Lohan who will be angling to get into whatever party Palin is at. And due to Lohan’s many run-ins with the law it is likely that the Secret Service will take a dim view of her wanting to be anywhere near the VP.

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