College Bound? Try to Stay Conservative

According to the new statistics from UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, most college students become more liberal as they progress through their schools. In fact, on average, the student population becomes 8% more liberal, on issues like abortion, gay marriage, death penalty, and taxes. (I’m just giving you the facts. Let’s steer clear of my social views for now. We can all agree that being liberal on taxes and the death penalty is bad.)

This is caused more by the other students than the teachers, as most conservatives cluster at specific schools, and the conservatives unable to join their political peers are thrown into a boiling, seething, mass of liberals, with few conservative groups to be found. So if you or your child is en route to college, try to keep your Conservatism alive.

On a brighter note, the liberalism sometimes falls back down after college graduation.

You can find a summary of the results of the survey here (USA Today/AP).

On an almost slightly related note, I was reprimanded today for calling Pelosi liberal. =(

Apparently truth is offensive.


2 Responses to College Bound? Try to Stay Conservative

  1. Clyde says:

    reprimanded? wow. i teach at the graduate level. i don’t hide my views, but i don’t preach them either. although i am surrounded by liberals, not one has taken me on. i think having been a trial lawyer intimidates them … whatever it takes!

  2. When I went to school I always took on my liberal teachers when they crossed the line. I didn’t go after every liberal thing they said, because they do have to teach the class and arguing with them eventually gets old for everyone else around me, but when they said something really extreme I pointed it out. Some students said that they were scared that if would effect their grades if they took him on. I always listed about five conservative organizations I could call if that ever happened.

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