Colin Powell and Barack Obama

Well, first of all, Powell did indeed endorse Obama. It’s rather sad. I greatly respect Powell, and I would have voted for him if he had run eight years ago. So…why did he endorse Obama?  He says it’s because Obama can inspire people and can “electrify the world”.  He doesn’t really talk about his actual policies. It’s more the fact that people can be happy that Obama is president, rather than happy that his policies are in place.  A sort of…figure head. This isn’t a *horrible* reason to endorse someone, but it falls just short of that mark. I suppose you could argue that a lovable president could restore confidence in the markets and end the recession simply by telling people to buy, buy, buy. Either way…we all know why Powell really endorsed Obama.

‘Cuz he’s black.

Now, Powell is of course denying this. He said if he had wanted to endorse a black man, he would have endorsed Obama way back in the beginning. However, this is when Obama needs a boost to win. It’s the perfect time to endorse him. It’ll counteract McCain’s “Plumber Boost.” Whatever his motives, Powell has almost surely swayed the independents to Obama. (I say “almost” because Nancy, who is often right, disagrees, saying, “I can’t say I’m really shocked about this and frankly I don’t think anyone is going to care that much, this won’t sway votes.”)

What do you think?


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