Obama and The Jews

For some unknown reason, most Jews are Democrats. In the current election, more Jews are supporting Obama, (I realize that poll is dated, the current numbers are slightly less Obama lovin’, but not much) a man with ties to adamant Israel haters, as seen here http://myaisling.blogspot.com/2008/10/obama-dirty-dozen-few.html

Does anyone understand this? Because I’m completely lost. I know that my grandparents are strict Democrats because the Democrats “saved their lives” in the post Holocaust Era, and they can’t be convinced otherwise. I’d like to think that most Jews aren’t quite that stubborn and blind, but at my temple I habitually see people with pins reading Barack Obama in Hebrew. It’s completely nonsensical. For this reason, I’m going to try to spread the news that Obama hates Israel.

First of all, Hamas endorsed him. Hamas would never endorse a candidate that felt Israel had even the slimest right to remain on the map.

Robert Malley, one of Obama’s advisers on Middle Eastern policy, had been having private meetings with Hamas, and Obama remained close to him until he willing told the Times of London of the meetings. It is doubtful that Obama was unaware of this, seeing as Malley freely told anyone who asked.

Rev Wright, commonly known to be a racist, is also Anti-Israel. He blames Israel for 9/11, distributes Hamas propaganda thorough his church, and calls Israel a terrorist nation. Obama claims that his support for Israel is unflinching. Would any true Zionist sit by and let Israel be defaced, repeatedly? Obama certainly wasn’t standing up in Church and saying the he stands with Israel.

Jimmy Carter, another anti-semite, supports Obama.

No matter how much evidence I give, some of you are never going to be convinced of Obama’s dislike of Israel, but even if you don’t believe that Obama hates Israel, there is at least a reasonable doubt to his pro-Israel claims. Do you really want a man in the White House who may, or may not (and probably doesn’t), support Israel?

Jews, spread the word. Convince your friends to break their straight Democratic records and STAND WITH ISRAEL.


3 Responses to Obama and The Jews

  1. drslogan says:

    It’s easy to get lost indeed. The growing list of worst America-haters endorsing Obama, is mindboggling for anyone who takes 5 seconds to think about it. Ahmadinejad, Qaddafi, Hamas, Kim Jong-Il, Castro, Ortega… The list goes on, yet so many people choose to ignore this. They spend days researching the next car to buy, not to mention the next house, but somehow assume it’s okay to spend 5 min researching the background of the person who have an enormous impact on everything in America. Socialism in its ugliest shape is coming to them if Obama gets elected, but they’ll realize this only when it’s too late.

    But there are still many eyes we can open before the election. Obama keeps going up in polls because people listen to the huge propaganda machine–and take its lies at face value. We need to use more of conversation changers. More of attention grabbers that make an impact in 5 sec. And THEN those whose opinions still can be changed may start reading more. Obama’s side if excellent in creating visuals that go straight to the emotions level, bypassing logic. Just take a look at this site know what I’m talking about: http://www.designforobama.org/.

    Can you name a single memorable anti-Obama poster that speaks to the center-leaning Democratic voter? If you can’t, but would like to use one, visit the fast growing repository accompanied by a blog and a Facebook page that are designed fill this gap. Please take a look–it will take you only a couple of minutes to form your opinion and decide whether you’d like to use it. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

    – Jeff Tyler (Dr. Slogan)

  2. Clyde says:

    i have always been baffled by jewish support for democrats. when i think of democrats, i think of the collection of interests that they are – abortion, taking religion out of schools, support of any form of marriage.

    i see these views as against many aspects of christianity.

    when i view christianity, i see unwavering support for israel.

    so where do jews not connect the dots?

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