Giyus and Honest Reporting (Good Information on Israel)

Giyus, or Give Israel Your United Support, is a great tool for those advocating for Israel. It will give you desktop popups informing you about the latest in Israeli events. For example, this article , which tells of an Iranian boy being sent to Israel for treatment on a brain tumor, after procedures in Iran and Turkey failed.  If Iran had already succeeded in “wiping Israel off the map”, some of their own would have died. It’s good to know. is also a great site for non-biased info about Israel.  

I’m sure many of you already check these, but I find it very helpful, so I felt the need to thank them in-blog.

Thanks guys, for making Israel’s voice heard! (You’ll be getting my yearly donation next week)


2 Responses to Giyus and Honest Reporting (Good Information on Israel)

  1. Clyde says:

    i grew up never ever questioning israel. they did (and can do) whatever they need to do to survive. i disagree with giving land for peace. doesn’t work – never does when the people on the other side of the table are liars.

    it will be very interesting when israel takes out iran’s nukes. i firmly believe that it will happen.

  2. nswider says:

    Its nice to see some pro Israel blogging and I enjoy your site very much Marina, this is my first time really perusing it and you offer a really unique perspective. There aren’t many conservative/independents out there. Keep up the good work and I look forward to commentating with you at the live blogging of the debate.

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