Live Blogging on the Second Presidential Debate

I just finished my first live blog, and it was fun. Simply fun. I’m not sure any of us watched the debates very much…but it was fun. =D

Anyway, here are some of the best quotes from tonight’s live blog, which you can find here, at

And here is the list of the esteemed participants, except a few who don’t have blogs that I know of yet.

Scott Martin

Robert G –


Attack Dog-

Eclectic Will-

Smart Girl-

New Conservative-

Bill D-

Big Blue-


Smart Girl Politics:  Stop watching the polls.   Al Gore was ahead at this point in 2000.

Rose:  I think Michelle Obama hates a LOT of things

Rose:  Guy tried to get his wife (Jeri Ryan) to do live sex acts in Paris.

AttackDog:  Bill Ayers is an unapologetic terrorist.

AttackDog:  Blue, if it was *just* Ayers, I MAY have given him a pass on it;
But, Ayers, Wright, Pfleger, His WIFE, Rezko!

Smart Girl Politics:  The issue is not Ayers per say.   How many radical associations does the average person have?   It’s all of his associations.

Robert Garding:  One of the things I found out, I posted to my blog, was the similarity of Obama’s ideals and the Communist International of 1920

Bill Dupray:  Take this to the bank:  If Obama wins this year, the GOP takes back Congress a big way in 2010 due to after the sheer horror of seeing what he actually believes.

New Conservative:  What if McCain changes someone’s mind tonight, but they’ve already voted?  An Obama presidency scares me… and this is not some contrived fear.

Nancy Swider:  I’m not going to panic no matter who wins, that’s what democrats do. I’m not going to cry or need a shrink if it’s Obama. If people want another Jimmy Carter, so be it.

MarinaLee:  I will need a shrink if it’s Obama, especially if he gets lucky and the economy happens to pick up while he’s in. And then I’ll need another shrink if he does a horrible job and they blame Bush, and the “8 years to recover” theory.

Nancy Swider:  Lol, it will be alright Marina, I don’t think he’s going to win.

Rose:  I won’t be able to afford a shrink, Marina.

AttackDog:  Obama is backstage right now chanting “I really love America… I really love America…SHUT UP MICHELLE IT’S ONLY 90 MINUTES, DAMMIT I NEED THIS!”

Scott Martin:  I’m Googling every “life-long” republican who asks a question  If I could ask him one question?   What did you put in the kool-aid!

New Conservative:  Seriously things are tough, but it’s not the great depression

AttackDog:  Yep CEO’s suck

AttackDog:  McCain… if you didn’t vote for the bailout bill, you’d be able to own Obama so hard right now…

Chris Wysocki:  Is he high? Renegotiate home values?   Just like that the mortgage banks take a haircut?

MarinaLee: Yes, but confidence in the market shouldn’t come from confidence in the treasury secretary. If the Treasury Secretary is the market, we have PROBLEMS.

AttackDog:  Waiting for a name you empty suit!!!!!!

MarinaLee:  Did McCain just say greed on Wall Street? Tell me I misheard that.

AttackDog:  Bullcrap, I got 6,000 in new credit today.

AttackDog:  Hey, Idiot! Why should people stay in their homes if they can’t afford it in the first place!

Rose:  “I am confident about the American economy”…isn’t that what he has beat Mac up about??

Smart Girl Politics:  Did he mean the fundamentals were strong?

Chris Wysoki:  Yes Rose, it sounds the same to me!

MarinaLee:  Why are we helping people pay their bills??

Scott Martin:  How is he supposed to change the culture in Washington? He is the culture in Washington.

AttackDog:  Marina, glad we both heard the same thing… I thought it was Castro talking to me for a second

MarinaLee:  The answer is: we shouldn’t trust the government with our money.

Nancy Swider:  Yeah we have doubled the debt Obama and you want to spend even more  They don’t need to be given the hope that their jobs will come back, because you can’t put the genie back in the bottle

MarinaLee:  Yes, we’ve doubled the debt. And you, Obama, would like to triple it.

Robert Garding:  That is Obama’s plan….triple it

Big Blue:  Actually, most independent studies suggest McCain’s plans will increase the deficit and debt more than Obama’s.

AttackDog:  Why do we need to compromise?! Why doesn’t the other side come over to us?!

MarinaLee:  Because their lobbyists won’t let them.

MarinaLee:  You can’t eliminate programs. It’s impossible. —Lobbyists

Scott Martin:  exactly, he’ll just order it by fiat

Chris Wysocki:  Cutting government is sacrifice?

Chris Wysocki:  I’d phrase it as “rely on yourself instead of relying on government”.

Robert Garding:  That is one of the best comments I have seen. Get rid of the victim mentality, of always wanting the government help in everything. Do for yourself… and that is what Obama doesn’t want. He wants the power to run everyone’s life

New Conservative:  Did Obama just say 9/11?

London Locke:  I find it amazing that Obama is very clear in stating his feelings on capitalism in general

MarinaLee:  Can he actually freeze spending? Am I the only one who thinks this is a big deal?

tridog:  If you want to see raw fear and rage – just mention spending freeze to a Liberal Dem.

Chris Wysocki:  Here comes Obama’s teen army of indentured servants.

Chris Wysocki:  But that teacher pays no income tax!

Chris Wysocki:  Hard work and self reliance got us to where we are today.

Chris Wysocki:  Leave the tax rates alone!   Let the estate tax die!

Smart Girl Politics:  He basically just conceded that small businesses will get a tax increase.

Bill Dupray:  That small business < 250K is a load of crap

Nancy Swider:  I think this guy thinks we are all ignorant school children the way he is speaking to us. The tone is so condescending.

MarinaLee:  Actually, I think it’s worse than that. Obama talks like we’ve never heard his stump speech before.

London Locke:  evil “large corporations”, workers of the world unite; this is a very Atlas Shrugged time that we live in, but can Americans votes be bought? We will see in November but I don’t think so.

Nancy Swider:  It’s a philosophical issue, oy, look, who is the government to punish success to engage in Robin Hood economics? Wealth is something to be encouraged not punished.

Chris Wysocki:  To Democrats wealth is a means to their end.

tridog:  what would CNN know about independents?? LOL…to CNN, Pelosi is a moderate

Big Blue: Your base won’t win the election.

AttackDog: Oh yes it will!

London Locke:  The democrats don’t like things that work really well and Nuclear is just too good, what they want is all of us riding bikes, subways, and buses that run on ethanol and free love

London Locke:  I support a Manhattan like project if we are building a better atomic bomb or a giant laser beam that will destroy Iran

London Locke:  Why don’t Americans have health care? The reason is cable, ipods, Taco Bell, Best Buy, and porn sites. People don’t live within their means.

Rose:  Yes. We have the highest standard of living of any “poor” in world history…and as far as taxes go, the poor don’t pay them, period.

Scott Martin:  well sorry then. Life isn’t supposed to be fun when you’re poor

Nancy Swider:  meanwhile.. a debate is going on, McCain did really well on that question

London Locke:  Health Care is not a right! We already spend more here than any other country in the world. This is a social problem that only can correct it’s self over time. College is not a right. A car is not a right. A home is not a right

Big Blue:  Thanks for the advice, AttackDog.   Why didn’t I think of that? Make more money, it’s so simple!

Rose:  Obama wants to find the average standard of living and bring both ends of the bell curve to it…that’s the only explanation for making this a “right”

London Locke:  total equality is the most retarded topic ever, when intelligent Americans really think about they understand it doesn’t work

Bill Dupray:  This is flat out socialism and at least he’s telling us

tridog:  I repeat – BB – which one of us on this board to you think should pay for your health care?

Nancy Swider:  If you work hard big, you study and you work hard you can do it. The government, even with Obama will not save you. Take care of yourself; that is your responsibility.

London Locke:  This has been the moment the Democrats have been waiting for, making “deregulation” a bad word. It used to be good, I miss Reagan

MarinaLee:  Wait, what’s wrong with carpet bombing?

Scott Martin:  I have no job, BB. I chose not to. I said, screw it, I’m smart, I can make a living in the world on my own. And I have. And I know I can do so anytime I want to. And I can name my own income.

MarinaLee:  Omg. Obama. You say we should end genocides. Iraq was a genocide.

MarinaLee:  Why does he keep saying we shouldn’t have gone to Iraq, and at the same time saying we should stop genocides?   He’s a fool.

Chris Wysocki:  MarinaLee – he only supports wars that don’t help US interests.

Big Blue:  It’s really counter productive for you guys to think the polls are lying to you.   I can assure you that McCain’s people don’t think that.

MarinaLee:  Obama talks slowly so that people forget the first part of his sentences.

Chris Wysocki:  Musharraf was a jerk, but he was our jerk.

tridog:  no — BFAC. He knows most Americans have a very short attention span – so, if he speaks gibberish – but finishes well – they will think he was brilliant

Chris Wysocki:  Presidents should not set tactics; they should set policy.

Big Blue:  Ick.   I hate Ayn Rand.

MarinaLee:  You would BB, you can’t earn your own health care

Big Blue:  I get that.   But if I was on top, I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to suggest I was the best suited to be there.

Nancy Swider:  Am I the only one watching this thing?

MarinaLee: Probably.

Chris Wysocki:  Obama is not unequivocally supporting Israel.   He says military is but one option on the table.

AttackDog:  Let’s hug it out, Iran! -Barack Obama

Bill Dupray:  McCain won.   Gravitas v. Mr. Bubble.   The only Obama answer I remember is the flat out socialist take-over of the health care system.

MarinaLee:  I like that answer. It’s inspiring. It belongs at the end of  an underdog football movie.

Nancy Swider:  with the Rudy theme playing


6 Responses to Live Blogging on the Second Presidential Debate

  1. Scott Martin says:

    Great summary!

    I liked AttackDog’s Obama pre-debate meeting with Michelle the best.

    Oh, and I bought Atlas Shrugged. Judging from the way fans of it sounded, I already talk like I’ve read it, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. The only reason I’ve resisted in the past is that I know Rand isn’t very fond of belief in God – but I’m pretty good at ignoring stuff I don’t like when there is good stuff to be found otherwise.

  2. Scott Martin says:

    And just as an FYI – I have very strong personal beliefs. They order my entire life. But in almost every instance I don’t believe in government enforcing them. When I checked out AttackDog’s blog, I took the test he links to here:

    I scored as an almost pure capitalist, 98% economic conservative, 66% social liberal, Now, were I asked what I am in my own life, it would be a lot more social conservative, but I don’t believe that is government’s role and I believe people are best able to see what option works best when all (or at least almost all) options are free to be chosen.

  3. AttackDog says:

    Scott, you’ll love Atlas Shrugged. I had the same apprehension before reading it, but it was very easy to overlook the whole anti-religion thing. And even though I knew what I believed in before I read it, there were certain parts of the book that *explained* what I knew to be true in a way I had never heard it before.

    I’ll be adding ya’ll to the blogroll over on my little corner of the net. We really should get back together and debate ideology. All corners were represented last night, so it was a very interesting and rewarding experience.

  4. I had not heard of Atlas Shrugged as well. It is on my “must get list”. Thanks for the other night. It was alot of fun. See you next week.

  5. Rose says:

    Obama is not to be feared and neither is Michelle. I can’t believe this crap I’m reading. They are going to be in the white house, get used to it.

  6. marinalee says:

    Well, you’re right Rose. They *are* going to be in the white house and I am going to have to deal with it. As for why his ticket is “to be feard”, why don’t you check out my posts on why he’s scary instead of just negating it from one conversation, in which all of us agreed, and therefore presented no evidence?

    You could aslo check any of the blogs in the “Conservative Congolmerate” or Conservative Attack Dog, as seen on the side bar.

    Happy Reading! I look forward to hearing your analysis. =D

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