Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. You did so much better than I thought you would. And I like you so much better than Obama…And I know you’d be the most likely candidate to help get John elected, if he were going to win which he isn’t…but sometimes…

Ah well. You’re adorable. I love you anyway.

What other people are saying about Sarah Palin:

“In one of those funny quirks of the American political labyrinth, Todd Palin’s union dues go to campaign against his wife.” -

“I don’t know anything about her”- Matt Damon

“She scares the daylights out of the left.”-

“I thought the debate went well for Sarah Palin, she can clearly handle herself, but it’s become clear that I don’t see things like the rest of America does today, so I see no need to comment on who won.” -


One Response to Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

  1. elwoodin says:

    I agree with you on this one Marinalee. It was great to meet you in the debate tonight on the live blogging thing. I was Robert Garding. My blog is also here at wordpress, but I have my own domain. My address is, or


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