The US Government just Saved the World (Bailout)

The US Government has just saved the world.

If, of course, you think the world consists of toy archery companies, (and for some, I’m sure it does. Those people paid for the lobbyists that forced this insanity into the bailout bill). The bailout removed the 40 cent toy arrow tax, which will help more kids practice archery (cough, cough). The companies are claiming that the tax was never meant for toy arrows, only real ones, and was ridiculous for arrows that cost only 30 cents a piece. Either way, it shouldn’t have been buried in the murky depths of the bailout bill. Then again, I’m very glad that it was thrown into the bill. The bill isn’t completely useless after all. It repealed a tax that wasn’t meant for toy arrows. Yay! Down with taxes! We are delivered!  O Messiah Bama I give my thanks unto you for granting us this Miracle Bill that hath saved the Young Archers.

Actually, in all fairness, the fact that the market fell on Friday had more to do with the ninth month of unemployment increase than the bailout. Still, it does mean that we wasted 700 billion dollars, and now Democrats are asking for one with more unemployment benefits, to combat that problem. It should be apparent that no bailout is ever going to solve this problem, because even if it manages to reduce one, there are going to be other issues. The market will put itself back together as soon as people quick trying to hold up the falling tree that is the market with sticks. The tree will fall and a new one will grow, but it can’t until the old one gets out of the way. (Pardon my corny analogy.) The bubble must burst. The day you see the headline, “Bankruptcy abounds; Government Silent,” you will no not to worry: a depression is coming.

–Marina H Lee


3 Responses to The US Government just Saved the World (Bailout)

  1. wdupray says:

    When President Obama bans guns next year, he’ll say his support for the toy arrow bailout proves he’s not a pacifist.

  2. “you will no not to worry: a depression is coming.”

    Cute error. You will know not to worry would have been nicer.

  3. marinalee says:

    Not even an error. We have to go down before we go back up

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