Obama, Ohio, a bunch of Hobos, and Jennifer Brunner

Obama is trying to rig the election, but of course, the mainstream media hasn’t noticed. Jennifer Brunner, the democratic Secretary of State of Ohio has managed to issue a directive that would,  according to the Wall Street Journal “allow some early voters to register and vote on the same day.”

The practical effect of this is that Obama can send “non-partisan” volunteers to register the drunks and homeless of Ohio, and then send them off to vote within hours. Politicians haven’t tried to sway the beggars in the past because it was commonly assumed that even if you registered the homeless to vote by the required date, they wouldn’t remember to show up to vote. Instead, they’d be stinking drunk or working on making up their newest sob-story to write on their cardboard signs, and struggling over the spelling of “tooelve kidz”. Of course, this means that the entirety of the election, as no Republican has ever won the election without winning Ohio, is in the hands of a bunch of brainwashed drunks without any real stake in the economy. In fact, according to a story on Fox earlier this evening, nearly all of the “non-partisan” volunteers admitted to supporting Obama, and of wanting their registrees to support Obama as well.

McCain is unwilling to try and turn the homeless to his side, and the lawsuit against the directive is pretty much stagnant. This has also been overlooked by the media: the Ohio Republicans are suing. That seems fairly important to me…but what the heck…it’s 29 days. Having to register 30 days early and voting early is really only a one month difference. No biggie. All it does is give the homeless a much needed voice in the election. Just because they don’t pay taxes or contribute to society doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a chance to control society.

Bottom line: your neighborhood binge drinker gets to pick our next president, and they’re picking Obama.

Gives you a pretty good motive to vote for Obama, doesn’t it? I mean, come on, the drunks are doing it.


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