Wealth Redistribution, Joe Biden, and Fairness

“The middle class is the economic engine. It’s fair. They deserve the tax breaks, not the super wealthy who are doing pretty well. They don’t need any more tax breaks.”–Joe Biden


Well Mr Biden,  says Sarah Palin in my imagination, what did the middle class do to deserve the tax breaks? But of course, Sarah didn’t say that. That might be considered overly controversial. Calling Biden a socialist would probably fall into that same category. However, sometimes controversial statements aren’t just attention grabbers or far out principles. Sometimes, they’re the truth. Yes, I just called Biden a socialist. And yes, I just asked what the middle class did to deserve tax breaks.

Here’s what I’ve gathered from what Biden said in the debate. The middle class should rule the world, because they’re the, “economic engine,” and we should shower them with everything they desire because they, and they alone, can magically fix the economy. The “super wealthy” people, on the other hand, do absolutely nothing for the economy, and should be given no tax breaks whatsoever. They already have enough money, as they’re, “doing pretty well,” on their own. So just screw them, they’ll figure it out. (Right about now, Ayn Rand should either be saying I told you so to everyone she can find, or turning in her grave.)  Anyway, damn those useless old rich buggers. They just find ways to make loopholes in laws and steal stuff… those people aren’t even Americans!! They aren’t even real. The real people are the only ones watching the debate, and they’re also the ones who have problems. They can’t get their kids to college. So pity them, those magical economic engines, and shower them with money so they can go on being economic engines.

I was also highly concerned with Biden’s overuse of the word fair, which appeared about ten times in his arguments. Is he trying to convince himself that robbing the rich and giving the money to the poor is fair, or just himself?

This quote was also particularly enlightening, “We don’t call a redistribution in my neighborhood Scranton, Claymont, Wilmington, the places I grew up, to give the fair to say that not giving Exxon Mobil another $4 billion tax cut this year as John calls for and giving it to middle class people to be able to pay to get their kids to college, we don’t call that redistribution. We call that fairness.”

If you can understand what he’s trying to say through the blips, you have gathered that Biden literally just said that taking money Exxon should have gotten and giving it to poor people is fair.

Wow. I think I’ve grossly misunderstood the meaning of the word “fair.” Me and Merriam Webster thought it meant ,”free from self-interest or favoritism.” But as the all-knowing Biden, cousin to the MessiahBama used it to mean favoring the middle class for the self interest of getting elected…I guess I need a new dictionary.


11 Responses to Wealth Redistribution, Joe Biden, and Fairness

  1. sam says:

    wow, your posts are fascinating.
    thanks for giving me insight into how a right-wing conservative thinks.
    entitlement must make life sooo easy. huh?

  2. Chris says:

    It’s such a pervasive belief in “fairness” too, isn’t it? People just expect the government to send them checks. Lost your job, get a check. Ran out of food, get a check. Retire without saving for it, get a check. Build your house in a flood zone, get a check when it washes away.

    That’s socialism — from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.

    It’s what our kids are taught in the public schools, run by the completely socialist teachers unions. We’ve created 3 or 4 generation of Americans who think it is their God given right to get money from the government.

    That money has to come from somewhere. It’s tyranny of the majority pure and simple.

  3. Lee says:

    “…from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”

    This principle is not actually from any tenet of socialism. It is from the Bible, and describes what was taught in the early Christian communities. In fact, it is still taught in most mainstream Christian churches. I’m a little confused why so many Conservatives, who generally also claim to be Christian, have problems with this principle.

  4. rocky says:

    well, lee, if that is the case, let’s distribute. i’m poor and underemployed. your probably not . $1000 will be fine. for october. paypal? tnx, you’re great christian!

  5. marinalee says:

    …Why does everyone assume I’m Christian?

  6. Dana says:

    “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs” sounds just great — if everybody agrees to it and does what he can to contribute.

    But the 1996 Welfare Reform Act passed because we had so many deliberate malingerers who preferred to not work and live off of government largesse, that we switched from a system which was designed to accept the fact that there would be cheating to make certain we didn’t exclude anyone who legitimately needed help, to one in which we are trying to keep the malingerers off the rolls even if the regulations mean that some people who legitimately need help wind up not getting help.

    Whether the expression is socialist or early Christian matters not: the fact remains that it is based on the utopian notion that everyone will actually try to contribute what he can rather than being a drain on society willing to leech off the labor of others.

  7. marinalee says:

    I’m not sure which way you stand on this, Dana, but I’d like to point out that everyone won’t actually try to contribute, and that there are many leeches in society.

  8. […] writer’s block, with this article, Joe Biden on Wealth Redistribution. Mr Martin referenced this article from Marina Lee: I was also highly concerned with Biden’s overuse of the word fair, which appeared about ten times […]

  9. Dana says:

    Oh, I absolutely agree with your last, Marina. I’ve seen the leeches.

    Socialism is utopian because the socialists believe that everyone is, deep down, good and responsible and Just Like Them. It isn’t true, never was true, and never will be true.

  10. Peter says:

    >…Why does everyone assume I’m Christian?
    Because honestly, the vast majority of the people I’ve seen hold beliefs as selfish as yours were Christian.

    Obama is not Socialist. And to be honest, you’re pretty damn selfish if you think that people who simply /cannot/ afford things like healthcare because they aren’t educated enough to get such a prestigious job as your parents hold they /deserve to die/??
    You need to imagine yourself in the shoes of someone that grows up poor and without extensive education as you have been given your entire life. Not everyone grows up with such a monstrous abundance of wealth as you have.

  11. […] Why are people who did nothing wrong suffering for those who did?  I’ve discussed this more here, but it still boggles my mind to see how much people think they deserve from their neighbors. At a […]

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