Killing your innocent unborn baby

Life is a rare and precious thing. If you’re reading this, you’re lucky: you were born. If we want equality in life, everyone should get a chance to be born. I mean come on, the only people arguing for abortion are people that have been born themselves. If you really want life to be fair, you’ve got to outlaw abortion, and stop killing all those innocent, adorable unborn babies. They don’t even get a choice in the matter! What if they wanted to be born???!!?

And speaking of babies who wanted to be born…what about all those that never even got the chance to be aborted? Those whose lives were cut short by contraceptives and birth control? What about them?? And what about those who never even made it that far, whose only chances for life vanished in some thirteen year-old’s menstrual cycle? What of them??

Just as every person has a right to life, every person has a right to be conceived. Every time that you don’t have sex, you’re murdering an innocent. That innocent could have been me.  All of the eggs and all of the sperm must  be collected and put in a giant bank, controlled by someone who has respect for life.

Opposed to that? Well, then we’ll just have to make a law requiring people to have sex as much as possible, so we never risk losing a baby that had even the slimmest chance of ever coming into existence. Then life will be fair.

Those that are pro-life argue that personhood begins at conception. That is completely unrealistic. The earliest recorded brain waves, despite the many pro-life myths to the contrary, have not been recorded until 12 weeks after conception ( What makes humans different from animals is our capacity to think. It is not our cells, and that is why it is not illegal to itch yourself, for fear of killing skin cells. The idea of “killing” a collection of cells is plain ridiculous. We kill viruses, bacteria, ants: these are all collections of cells. No one is “Pro-Virus.” I’ve been told that the difference is that given the proper conditions, the fetus will grow into a human. This is true. It is also true that any cell (through cloning or meiosis and reproduction), given the right conditions, will become a human. I’ve also heard it argued that the fetus is closer to becoming human than the average cell. Again, true, but why should something being closer to being human give it more right to be human?

So, when does life start? At 12 weeks, when there is some evidence that brain waves can exist. (There is literally no realistic evidence before then, and even the 12 weeks number is probably earlier than necessary.) That gives the average aborter three months to figure out if she wants to keep that baby. If you can’t decide, by three months into your pregnancy if you want the baby, then trust me: YOU DON’T WANT THE BABY.

Other Pro-life persons argue that there is a family out there, waiting to adopt your baby. If your baby is male, white, and less than 6 months old then there probably is. The shortage of white male babies up for adoption is causing more and more white couples to adopt blacks and Asians. (According to Dorothy E. Roberts, in her book Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare) However, of the approximately 1.2 million abortions ( performed in the US each year, not all of them were white male babies, and the demand isn’t nearly  high enough to cover 1.2 million children, even if they were all white males. When adoptions peaked in 1970, there were 175,000 of them.  In 1970, the population was about 200 million ( If the same percentage of people were still willing to adopt babies, then there would be about 270,000 of them, if the babies were available. That still leaves extras. Also, in 1970, out of country adoptions weren’t commonly practiced, whereas now there are about 20,000 per year ( While some of these could be attributed to the lack of white babies, it is doubtful that they would stop entirely if white babies were to start falling from the sky.

So is adoption the answer? No. Even if collections of cells had more rights than the next microorganism, all of the extra babies would be added as burdens of the state, which the state really can’t afford right now, anyway.

And what is the answer, then? What should you do if you want an abortion?

You should get an abortion.


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