I want to keep my gun.

…Actually, I don’t have a gun. I’m not old enough to qualify. So, I think I have the virtue of being more or less objective in this matter. If guns are banned, I’m not going to lose anything. (Other than my life…okay, so maybe I’ve made up my mind already.)

Since guns are currently legal, it’s important to consider why it would be necessary to ban guns. If there isn’t a reason logical reason reason (as reason implies logic, logical reason is redundant) to ban them, then we’ll keep them. (If anyone can think of another potential reason, gimme a comment)

Potential reasons why people would want to ban guns:

1) It would lower the crime rate.

2) It would lower the suicide rate.

3) There is no reason to have a gun, as you can’t kill a burglar etc etc with it.

4) All guns do is kill.

Alright. “Reason” number 1. Let us first consider the matter theoretically. It is illegal to murder. That doesn’t stop murderers. It’s also illegal to have cocaine in the country, and that definitely doesn’t stop drug dealers.  From this, we can surmise that if guns were to be illegal, murderers would still be able to find guns, just as druggies find cocaine. They would also have nothing against breaking the law to find said guns, as they’re going to break the law to murder. Statistics do more than support the idea that banning guns doesn’t deter murders, they say that banning guns actually increases murder rates.

When the UK banned handguns, gun crimes did more than stay the same. They went up. “A new study suggests the use of handguns in crime rose by 40% in the two years after the weapons were banned.” BBC, July 2001.

Conclusion: Reason 1 is not a reason, as crimes rates are more likely to go up than down after a handgun ban.

Reason 2

Pretend, for a moment, that you’re going to commit suicide (I say pretend because I assume that my caliber of readers are above suicide).  Suicide does not mean shoot yourself. If you can’t shoot yourself, maybe you’ll jump out of a building, or chug some sleeping pills. So banning guns may lower gun related suicides, but increase hanging or drowning suicides . Either way, it’s doubtful that suicides will actually go down. Again, I turn to the statistics to prove the theory. In Japan, a very small percentage of the populous owns guns, but suicide there is higher than in the US, where many more people own guns. This indicates that owning a gun doesn’t make you more or less likely to commit suicide. Also, as Dr. Gary Kleck explains in his book Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Control, from 1972 to 1995 guns ownership rose exponentially, and suicides remained constant.

Due to this, Reason 2 is also not a reason as guns are just one of the many ways to kill yourself, but are not necessary in order to do so.

As for shooting burglars, I’m sure you remember the 911 call recording where the man who called explained that his neighbors were getting robbed, and then shot the two men responsible, in spite of what the 911 dispatcher had told him to do. If a Pasadina man who doesn’t realize that it’s am not, not ain’t, can figure out how to shoot a burglar, I’m sure there’s at least someone else who can. That one instance pretty much discounts reason 3.

And finally, guns are useful for more than killing. If you could convince a thief that you’d be willing to shoot him, maybe you wouldn’t have to. This website has multiple statistics as to how guns are used to save lives; check it out! Time magazine, in their anti gun article, also gives the following example of how guns can save lives. “‘After cabdriver Iran Bolton picked up an early morning fare at a Phoenix Ariz., night spot, the customer held a broken bottle to her throat and forced her to pull into a deserted area. Robbing her of $70, the thug pushed the woman out of her cab and threw her to the ground. When her assailant ordered her to crawl in the dirt, Bolton responded by emptying her pocket semi-auto into him. He died later in a hospital.'”

Each month American Rifleman, the journal of the National Rifle Association, features about a dozen such accounts of armed citizens defending themselves against criminals. Based on newspaper clippings submitted by N.R.A. members, the stories dramatically show how a gun can sometimes prevent a crime and perhaps even save a victim’s life.”

All in all, pretty much everyone admits that guns do have other uses, and while they probably don’t save more lives than they end, banning them can’t change that ratio.

Don’t you take my gun away!!!


One Response to I want to keep my gun.

  1. Ohnoepatrol (You know, that 9th grader...) says:

    I don’t really have a problem with having a gun at all. The problem is how insanely easy it is to get a gun, and kill 10 people with it.


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