Why to vote for McCain

You should vote for McCain because I don’t know how you would live with yourself if you voted for Obama. If you vote for anyone but the two of them, you’re throwing away your vote. Whatever may be wrong with McCain, it’s worse with Obama.

All the same, I’ll put in a good word for McCain…

He’s got a strong plan on immigration. He believes that the number one step is to secure the borders. And unlike Obama’s plan to do this, which amounts to throwing money at the border, he has a good idea of how to actually secure the border. He’s also going to “implement a secure, accurate, and reliable electronic employment verification system to ensure that individuals are screened for work eligibility in a real-time fashion” (taken from his campaign website). When illegals can no longer get jobs, they’ll stop coming.

As for the war in Iraq (I know, I said it, almighty campaign Gods strike me down) there’s actually nothing wrong with deciding that we’re not going to leave until we win. We should not have left Korea nor Vietnam, because those wars simply served to worsen our global reputation, and to encourage terrorists. Americans do no want to become the people that never finish anything. Obama’s time table leaves no room for extraordinary circumstances. If it becomes clear that in one more day we’ll win, Obama will still pull us out.

McCain also believes in small government, while Obama believes in big government. that’s the defining difference between the two candidates. Obama wants more taxes to fund more big government programs, and McCain would rather cut back.

One final issue is the second amendment. Whether or not you believe in the “right to bear arms” you can appreciate that Obama keeps changing his mind on this one as to not stub toes, and McCain would rather do what he thinks is right than win an election. McCain is not promising to do any old thing to gain popularity, and Obama, with all his ear mark spending, obviously is.


One Response to Why to vote for McCain

  1. Peter says:

    You really are just spouting what the media has put out. I’m not arguing that Obama or McCain is better, but you really aren’t even CONSIDERING the other side to these points! Does ALL of your material come straight from FOX or your parents?

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